The competition "Pathfinding Robots"

On April 21, 2022, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Ton Duc Thang University successfully organized a competition: "Pathfinding Robots". Not only was the competition a meaningful playground to help improve skills and knowledge in the field of robotics, but also strengthened the spirit of solidarity and learning among students.

           The competition was organized at 9D floor with two rounds: Qualifying round (May 09th - May 30th, 2022) and Final round (July 2nd, 2022). The competitors programmed the robot to run three laps along the black line and avoid obstacles on the way. In the qualifying round, each group would be formed with a maximum of six members and conducted the race. Next, the organizers chose the four highest achieving teams to compete with each other to find the first, second, and third prizes. After the final round, the first prize belonged to the team having members: Tran Thanh Hai, Le Huy Huan, Mai Cong Khang, Nguyen Phuoc Lai, Huynh Phi Long, and Truong Thuong Tien. Then, the second prize was awarded to the team consisting of two students: Trinh Chan Kiet and Nguyen Trong Tin Nghia, and the third prize belonged to the group of students: Pham Hong Hai, Ngo Dai Vi, Huynh Thi Truc Vy, Nguyen Thanh Nam, Hoa Vi Hao. There is also a consolation prize for you: Le Au Anh Duc, Truong Nhat Hao, Chau Minh Loc, Tran Thanh Son, Nguyen Tran Anh Huy, and Tran Xuan Chien.

           It was a highly competitive annual competition of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which always drew the attention of the participation of a large number of students. Through many challenges, students could better understand how to program robots and apply the knowledge they learned in practice.

           Here are some pictures of the competition:

Teams were participating in the competition.

Teams were preparing for the competition
The participants were starting to run the competition product.