The competition for electrical equipment installation skills

On May 30, 2022, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) of Ton Duc Thang University held an attractive competition called "Skills for installing electrical equipment". It was a meaningful playground to support students to consolidate their knowledge of schematic diagrams, structural components, and ways to install electrical equipment in the practice.

           The competition welcomed competitors in room D404, and they just had 60 minutes to perform the actual circuit installation using available electrical tools. The students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge about the operating principles, the schematic diagrams of the power circuits, and the controller of the 3-phase asynchronous motor. Besides, they could distinguish different types of electrical tools such as MCB, contactor, thermal relay, push-button, and time relay. In addition, this was an opportunity for students to apply their skills in analyzing and designing electronic circuits, and draw power circuits and controller on CADe_SIMU software. At the end of the competition, the first prize belonged to Nguyen Hoai Thanh, Tran Minh Khoi won the second prize, and Nguyen Vo Hoang Anh won the third prize. The consolation prize belongs to two competitors Ngo Tan Loc and Ca Minh Thao.

           Being an annual and highly competitive, "Skills for installing electrical equipment" of the FEEE always receives the participation of many students. Through the competition, the students can apply and improve their understanding of actual electrical circuit installation.

           Here are some pictures of the competition:

The information about the competition "Skills for installing electrical equipment".
Students took the test in room D904.
Lecturers and students at the competition.