Campus transferring training program with Microcontroller Course lectured by the Saxion University’s Professors

From August 26thto September 5th, 2019 at Ton Duc Thang University, The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) welcomeProf. Johan Van Dijk and Prof. Hans Stokkink who are working at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands to teach Microcontroller Engineering to students by the method of learning through making projects. This course is part of the campus transferring training programfor the students of high quality class of FEEE.

Through this course, the two professors were very dedicated to imparting new knowledge, experience in circuit design, measuring techniques, knowledge of microcontrollers, ... as well as methods of using each module, how to organize and handle scientifically to make measurement work most effectively. During the class, students are encouraged to ask many questions and supplement useful practical knowledge to help students attend to improve their qualifications and professional skills, contributing to improving the effectiveness of school learning. 

This course not only helps students understand professional knowledge, apply it to situations in the project, but also a good chancefor students to learn how to work in groups, make a plan, and implement this plan. Especially the students have a good opportunity to present their work to the professor in English. Through exchanging and answering questions of professors, receiving guidance on solving problems encountered during the implementation of projects, students become familiar with the teaching methods of professors. This is an important step for students to prepare well before going to the final year at Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands.

Some pictures during the course:

Prof. Johan Van Dijk is teaching the useful knowledgefor students
Students performed temperature measurement systems
And practiced under instruction from the Professors
A temperature measurement model
The course meaningfully closed