The 3rd workshop of “International High-Tech Forum”

In the morning of 24th May, 2019, at meeting room C, the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (FEEE) of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) organized the 3rd workshop of International High-Tech Forum successfully. Attending the workshop is the presence of numerous lecturers, students from FEEE and technology experts from Korea.

Opening the seminar, Dr. Kim Zeen Chul performed a speech in the purpose of researching and developing high technologies together. At the workshop, a new education system named SEI was presented by Korean experts with the desire to be tested in TDTU. Not only that, the workshop took place with an interesting introduction of new startup methods fruitfully applied by Dr. Wan Sik Choi. Besides, the high-tech researches in agricultural area were also displayed by Dr. Jee Hyung Lee for applying to Vietnam’s agricultural region in the future.     

The workshop was ended with a lively discussion from both sides; technology issues and theirs development desires were proposed with the future promise. At the end of the workshop, the participants took photos to close the successful workshop.  

Some pictures at the workshop:

Members of FEEE attended the seminar
Experts comes from Korea
Gifts given from FEEE to the Korean expert
Participants took a commemorative photo to end the seminar