Online Open Days Program at Saxion University (Netherlands)


Dear Partner or Agent,

The coronavirus situation is unfolding in unpredictable ways and we understand that this raises a lot of questions and concerns for students’ plans to study at Saxion in the Netherlands.  
We want to help eliminate these questions and concerns as much as possible and as soon as possible. Therefore, we have set up a special page on our website with regular updates about the current situation at Saxion. Shortly we will add more information which will be especially relevant for prospective students of Saxion, so you can check this page regularly for the latest info.  
Our first priority is of course the health of all current and prospective students and with this in mind the most important information for them at the moment is: stay healthy and keep calm, you are not alone in this, together we will find a solution! Apart from that it’s important for them to know that they can continue the application for their desired study programme at Saxion with no restrictions from our side. 
When students apply for a study programme at Saxion for the academic year starting in September 2020, they will have the possibility to withdraw their application with no further costs and with no further obligations at any time before 31 August 2020. Should they have already paid their tuition fee at that moment then the tuition fee will be refunded to them completely.  
We are following the worldwide developments on the coronavirus closely and are aware that there could be exceptional challenges for students when choosing to study abroad, therefore we would like to assure them the following:  

  • At the moment we expect the academic year at Saxion to start in September 2020, exactly as planned. However, should the corona situation not improve until September then we will consider other possibilities, e.g. offering online education. We are already educating online since the beginning of the corona situation and our students are very pleased with this.

  • If necessary, we will soften the deadline for the submission of students’ documents after their application (high school diploma, language certificates etc.). The new deadline for submitting application documents is still to be determined, we will inform you about this as soon as possible. Please note: the deadline for the application will remain the same, but as aforementioned students will be able to withdraw it if necessary. Only for the Physiotherapy programme the application deadline has been changed to 1 May 2020. 
  • Non-EU students can (continue to) apply for a scholarship until 1 May 2020. For more information please check this website.  

We would like to highlight that we can inform students better about all the above-mentioned developments after their application, so it’s essential that they finish the application for their desired programme and scholarship as soon as possible. 
Do you have urgent questions yourself at the moment? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: internationaloffice@saxion.nlFacebook or Twitter
Please also check the official website of the Dutch government, the Dutch ministry of Health and the Dutch Student Union if you want more information on the Corona situation in the Netherlands.  
Online Open Days 17, 18 and 19 April 2020 
In order to still help prospective Saxion students as best we can with their study choice, we are organising an online edition of our open days. Originally, we wanted to introduce this concept in autumn 2020, however the corona situation motivated us to speed up this process. And with joint forces we made it: “Get Ready for a Smart World” in a literal sense! During the online open days prospective students can watch videos about their desired study programme and ask current students and teachers everything they need to know – both in real-time and from the comfort of their own home. Do your students want to be part of our first online open day? They can sign up right now! 

But most of all: Follow the official advice, stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!  
Kind regards, 
Saxion University of Applied Sciences