Introduction of the book "Tuning Innovation with Biotechnology" of Prof. Dong Hwa Kim

Prof. Kim Dong Hwa, who is director of Korean Experts Center (KEC) and the lecturer at Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (TDTU), has published a scientific book named "Tuning Innovation with Biotechnology"

The content of this book is the review of scientific researches of smart control systems using optimal algorithms come from popular biological phenomena such as immune algorithm (IM), particle swarm optimization (PSO), bacterial foraging (BF). This book present the practical solution using these algorithms in order to improve the quality of the control systems and smart robots.

Information about the book:

Author: Prof. Dong Hwa Kim (Ton Duc Thang University)

Pages: 232 

Publisher: Pan Stanford; 

Language: tiếng Anh

ISBN-10: 9814745359

ISBN-13: 978-9814745352

The book can be found on the webpage of Amazon and CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group):