The contest "Matlab and applications"

1. Participants: students of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, course 24 and earlier (studied MATLAB)

2. Format: students do the test on MATLAB software and submit the test online.

3. Time: November 18-21, 2021 (students register for the exam on a specific date). 

4. Registration link: (registration deadline: 11/16/2021)

5. Contest content:

- Students apply the knowledge which have learned to the exam.

- The exam has 2 questions and students do it on MATLAP software.

- Students who submit assignments via google form according to the instructions attached to the exam and receive an email at 8:55 a.m on the day of registration.

- Students will start the test from 9:00 am and must submit the test before 18:00 according to the student's registration day.

6. Prize structure:

- 01 first prize: 300,000 VND and certificate.

- 01 second prize: 200,000 VND and certificate.

- 02 third prizes: each prize includes 150,000 VND and a certificate.

- 02 consolation prizes: each prize includes 100,000 VND and a certificate.