Ngày 2/10/2018
Viettel IC Design Center (VIC) is looking for 10+ RTL engineers, 5+ Verification engineers, 5+ Backend Physical Design engineers, 2+ Algorithm engineers, 2+ Architect engineers
Ngày 4/5/2018
Renesas Design Vietnam Co, Ltd. is the only subsidiary in Vietnam of Renesas Electronics Corporation- the world No.1 supplier of MCU/SoC
Ngày 2/5/2018
Thai Duong Khang (TDK) is the limited company focusing on designing, installing and improving the electrical dynamic systems, the electrical lightening systems and air conditioning systems...
Ngày 26/3/2018
Sodick VN is a Japanese company which distributes the industrial machines fabricated by Sodick Japan.
Ngày 2/1/2018
Renesas Design Vietnam Co, Ltd. is the Vietnamese branch of Renesas Electronics Corporation, the largest micro controller supplier all over the world.